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Our Experts

The Organization has a Board which comprise seven members including University lecturers, Judge, Communication officer, Private sector, child rights/labour expert, senior government officer, and a reverend, The Board seats three times a year, currently the chairperson is Prof. Hosea Rwegoshora. The Current head of the organization is Ms.Justa Mwaituka, who runs the programme with support from 122 staff across the country .Assisted by the Finance and administrative officer Eric Edward Mwamule, Programme Manager , Emmanuel Yohana and Organisation administrator Eddah Kawalla including other Project staff ,community leaders, members and volunteers/interns and children themselves.

Justa Mwaituka

Executive Director

Eddah Kawala

Administration Officer 

Emmanuel Yohana

Program Officer

Erick Mwamule

Finance & Administrative Officer

Betty Mlundilwa

Project Accountant (KIWOHEDE-HQ) 

William Mpangala

Project Accountant (KIWOHEDE-HQ) 

Scholastica Jonadhani

Procurement Officer (KIWOHEDE-HQ)

Irene Mdemu

Project Coordinator (KIWOHED HQ)

Boniphace Bundala

Project Coordinator- AHADI Program (KIWOHEDE HQ)

Shaban Hancho


Arodia Aloyce


Adbul Mgogo

Logistic Officer (KIWOHEDE-HQ)

Regina Mandia

Center Manager (Bunju)

Tatu Mwakifuna

Teacher (KIWOHED HQ)

Vincent Kinwaga

Teacher (Bunju)

Zuhura Lumolwa

Teacher (Bunju)

Salimu Shemmela

Teacher (Bunju)

Editha Chelestine

Teacher (Bunju)

Yuditha Haule

Teacher (Bunju)

Josephat Wihanzi

Teacher (Bunju)

Mengi Alfred

Project Coordinator (Kigoma)

Theodesia Ephraim

Project Coordinator (Kigoma)