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Justa Mwaituka

We are delighted and honored to accomplish our mission to serve children and youth who are in need, We thank God for the blessings given to us and the continuous strength and help that he has given to us in such a way that over decade we have been able to influence and change life for some of the children and youth who thought they will not see a brighter future. All along we have devoted our live to work hard and make permanent changes to children and youth, who have been deprived of their rights, face social injustices, do not access social services and have impaired growth, lost hope and are facing multiple challenges. Its because of our work, to target most vulnerable children and youth who are stricken with multiple challenges, for protection, analyzing situations and helping them to overcome the situation that has made us to become friends of children and youth.

Further we thank the children and youth, who have been part of our working efforts, we recognize their importance in fulfilling the organization goals. We are proud to receive the continuous support from the Board of trustees, KIWOHEDE staff, Authorities, other stakeholders, and donors .It is because of our good working partnership, we have managed to reach out to 86,000 girls and 14,000 boys across the country with direct support. Our Motto entails the effort to continue to make a significant change in childrens and youth lives. These are those children who have been deprived an advantage to access social justice and services, care and support. We will continue to empower children and youth build their self esteem, self recognition, informed choice and self defense. Its by this virtue we are saying lets all unite to fight for the rights of children and youth working in domestic servitude, commercial sex work, those sexually abused, and those who have been trafficked for sexual purposes. Again lets fight for teenage pregnancies, child marriage and school drop outs by equipping them with appropriate information’s and alternatives