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Reflecting on the 1-day of our 4-days Channel of Hope for Gender (CoH-G) training, I am filled with optimism and gratitude. The dedication and eagerness to learn displayed by the faith leaders from KIWOHEDE’s implementing wards were palpable and inspiring. Objectives Achieved:

  1. Skillful Facilitation: Faith leaders are now better equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively conduct CoH-G sessions, promising a future of impactful workshops.
  2. Enhanced Understanding: There’s been a notable increase in awareness about gender issues and their influence on SRHR, which is vital for the leaders who play a crucial role in shaping community perspectives.
  3. Supportive Environments: The training has laid the groundwork for creating environments that uplift marginalized adolescent girls, advocating for gender equality and empowerment through faith-based initiatives.
  4. Train-the-Trainer: Participants are on the path to becoming trainers, which is key to amplifying the reach of CoH-G principles across communities.