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KIOTA WOMEN HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION -( KIWOHEDE) in partnership with The RAIN WORKER ORGANIZATION ( formerly known as AKTION REGEN) implementing a training and certification program to its staff to acquire necessary skills and knowledge around Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Mother – Child Health, Family Planning,  HIV/AIDS protection and Gender based violence so as to increase organizational  capacity to its programs. This educational program explicitly offered by THE RAIN WORKER ORGANIZATION (formerly known as AKTION REGEN)

RAIN WORKERS through educational program “Knowledge as a chance” and serve their community. Low-threshold, easy to understand, in the local language, with knowledge of traditions, they spread knowledge among those who do not have access to education on family planning and sexual & reproductive health and rights. RAIN WORKERS conduct their “Health Talks”, among others, in educational centers, Recreational centers,  women’s and men’s groups,  organized communities such as church meetings; Decision makers, places of public life like marketplace, supermarkets, couples, family visits, etc. 

RAIN WORKERS use the “BIG FIVE TEACHING TOOLS” on their sensitization sessions that help overcome taboos, increase awareness and knowledge about sexuality and reproductive health. They promote dialogues in partnerships about responsible sexual behavior, contraception, and family planning, push for the end of harmful practices such as FGM, and empower women. 

This training educational program called “Knowledge as a chance” started since October 2022 up to date. 

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